Surftech 9'0 Al Merrick Longboard - CLICK & COLLECT

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9'0 x 22 1/2 x 2 3/4 vol 65 lts

Model Description Channel Islands Performer Tuflite-PC

The Performer 2 has the perfect mix of a proven CI shape and the NEW Tuflite Pro- Carbon making it a durable performer. The lower entry rocker allows for increased wave catching and performance in small waves. The Performer 2 outline has a blunt nose, paddles and surfs fast with the same maneuverability of the original Performer.

Surftech TLPC Construction

Carbon composite construction combined with our Fused-Cell EPS core, TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilize a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement laminated over a layer of high-desity foam strengthens the board while creating the lively flex pattern.  Light with exteme durability and unbeatable performance

Single box plus FCS 2 side bites

Fins not included