NSP 7'6 Elements HDT Funboard

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A stunning combination of incredible value, durability and performance, the NSP Funboard is one of the most popular boards in the range for developing your skills.

The low entry rocker design allows more volume in the nose which increases paddling power to catch waves earlier giving you more time to enjoy the ride.

The domed deck profile allows for a more forgiving but sensitive rail feel while the rounded pintail is pulled in, adding control in bottom turns and cutbacks.

The concave bottom creates a fast water transition through to the tail, providing balance and control in a wide range of conditions.

On smaller days, go quad, and keep the thruster setup for bigger days when conditions lend themselves for slicing. The NSP Funboard is the clear “next-step” board for surfers looking to downsize, and an overall great board to have for all kinds of conditions.

Fins: The Elements Funboard has a 5x FTU fin box set-up (compatible with Futures® fins).

Supplied with 3x newly designed MFC fins.